Athletic, fast, intelligent.

Polo ponies are incredible athletes that must possess quick bursts of speed, stamina, agility, and maneuverability. Simsbury Polo at Folly Farm has a reliable string of polo ponies to learn on, all treated with loving care. 

Simsbury Polo at Folly Farm offers year-round polo lessons, coached arena chukkers, and grass play to anyone ready to try polo!
Lessons:  All students begin with a one hour private lesson ($75.00) to evaluate their starting point. Lesson fees include horse rental, tack and mallet. Lessons are conducted in our boarded indoor arenas, or out on the grass practice field depending on the season. Lessons are then continued with a discounted package rate for 5 or 8 lesson packages at $70/lesson.
Chukkers:As soon as one is able to ride and hit safely, students are able to get into the game by joining our coached chukkers on Mondays and Wednesdays. Most chukkers take place in the arena, but in the summer students are also exposed to grass play. Students play in tournaments three times per year.

Polo Pony Leasing: Students are able to lease polo ponies as they progress in order to play more chukkers and to participate in our summer grass Polo Club. Call OR TEXT 860-491-8037 to inquire about summer leases and membership in our grass polo Club.